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About Us

Svetlana Kats

Got her MBA degree from the Department of Economics of the Moscow Aviation Institute. Before immigrating to the US in 1997, she worked in the "Management and Audit XXI" company. The main goal of the company was to provide consulting and auditing services, to make business plans, and to conduct seminars on the issues of efficient management. Everyday interaction with the clients and companies that were involved in different fields of economics significantly raised Svetlana's proficiency as a consultant-manager. Her clients were always satisfied with the level of her performance and recommended their business partners to use the services of "Management and Audit XXI". Svetlana came to the US with a lot of experience, knowledge and the desire to start her own business. Now she is a partner in the company RussianTown, Inc. The company specializes in marketing services including the Internet marketing, sales promotions, advertising campaigns, development of logo and corporate identity, arranging presentations, and developing web sites. Having mastered Web-developing by herself, Svetlana took an active part in creating this portal.


Dmitriy Goroshin

Got his degree in Journalism from the Department of Journalism of the Tashkent State University and since the age of 19 he has been actively cooperating with the mass media. Newspaper publications, radio shows and TV stories made by Dmitriy have always aroused a lot of public interest. At the beginning of the 90th, with the development of new economic relations, advertisement rapidly came into existence. Gradual establishment of the consumer market and creation of a big amount of commercial enterprises caused the increase of competition. Having realized the necessity in specialized advertising agencies, Dmitriy opened the "Express-Advertisement" company. The company helped dozens of commercial and financial organizations to present their products and services at the market by creating and distributing highly artistic advertising ideas in newspapers and magazines, on the radio and television. The company actively researched the consumer market with the purpose of elaborating a marketing strategy for every single client. In 1993 Dmitriy received an offer to work for one of the most popular TV channels. Five years before immigrating to the US, Dmitriy prepared five TV projects as a producer and conducted them as a host. These programs included a variety of aspects, such as political analyses, movie production news, economic reviews, and stories about the youth. As a result, these programs had a different audience. Each project was highly rated by the audience and acknowledged by the sponsors. In the USA Dmitriy is continuing his activities on television. He works as a correspondent for the most popular among the Russian community TV channel "RTV International". As a partner in Russian Town, Inc., Dmitriy is responsible for marketing and advertising projects, as well as providing the informational support of this portal.