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Russian Town Magazine is the most popular publication in the Russian language in Atlanta and in the South - East of the United States. Very interesting contents, an attractive design, a full Internet version at www.russiantown.com, more than twenty five thousand readers result in a constant increase of the amount of advertisers. Among them you can find medical centers, real estate agents, attorneys, car dealerships, loan officers, and representatives of other fields of business. We look forward to your suggestions on placing advertisement of your products and services in our magazine. We can also write and publish articles about the activities of your company. 

All advertisers are offered a flexible system of discounts and different bonuses. 

We are willing to establish contacts with advertising agencies. 

Please, check our corporate web-site 

Dear Entrepreneur!

I'm proud to introduce you to a publication that can help your company achieve great results.

RussianTown is a monthly magazine that has won the loyalty of Russian-speaking readers and advertisers in Atlanta, Florida and throughout the southeastern United States. Our magazine is unique: It's a free russian-language publication distributed in Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Virginia and Georgia, with a special emphasis on Atlanta and its suburbs. The magazine is available to the public at businesses that are frequented by the southeast's many Russian-speaking residents. Distribution points include "Russian" shops and stores, business offices, religious centers, medical offices, and retirement homes. The magazine is also mailed directly to subscribers in different cities throughout the United States.

The popularity of RussianTown among Russian-speaking community in Atlanta and whole Southeast region can be seen in the fact that it has grown tremendously in both size and circulation since it first began publication in July 2003. It started as a 42-page magazine, but by the middle of 2005, it had expanded to 92 pages, and we anticipate the magazine to soon reach 100 pages. The first edition of the magazine had a print run of 3,000 copies. Today, that number has doubled to 7,500 copies.

This means that if there are three or four persons in a Russian-speaking family, each edition of the magazine reaches up to 24,000 people. In addition, according to marketing research, a general interest magazine such as RussianTown possesses a long life cycle, because people pass it on to friends and relatives when they are finished with it.

The articles in RussianTown are written in a lively style and cover a variety of subjects, so that our readers represent a wide cross section of the Russian-speaking population in Atlanta, Florida and whole South-East. People of all ages and all income levels read our magazine.

If your business needs the attention of the many thousands of Russian-speakers in Atlanta, Florida and whole southeastern United States, if you are interested in expanding your market, or if you want to attract new clients, you owe it to yourself to consider advertising in RussianTown. It's the best marketing decision you can make!

RussianTown is a magazine, not a newspaper, so you can be sure that your ads won't be lost and won't drop out of the number. In addition, RussianTown always prints an index of advertisers, with category headings, on the first pages of every issue. And, if you sign a one-year advertising contract with us, we will interview you for an “advertorial” article about your business, free of charge. The size of the article will correspond to the size of your advertisement. RussianTown also offers a number of other bonus services, including pictures of you and your office (for companies located in Georgia) and an original keepsake model of your ad, suitable for framing.

RussianTown also has an electronic version of our magazine at www.russiantown.com, which receives at least 2,000 daily “hits” from visitors. Russian people in Atlanta and all country are visiting this portal in daily basis. All our advertisers get a free-of-charge bonus ad on our Internet portal, so the information about your business will be automatically seen by all visitors.

But that's not all that your advertising dollars buy! RussianTown has launched an Internet radio service atwww.russiantownradio.com that has become very popular in the Russian-speaking community of Atlanta, Florida, New-York and all country. Every advertiser in our magazine gets interviewed for free on our radio-show.

So think about it: Your advertising contract with RussianTown buys you a print ad in our magazine, inclusion in our ad index, an “advertorial” article, photos, an Internet ad, an Internet radio interview, and a keepsake copy of your print ad – not to mention the opportunity to reach an entirely new market of customers.

So, call our advertising department right now at 770-447-0208. We'll gladly answer all your questions. Russian Atlanta, Russian Florida, Russian America are waiting for your products and services.

We hope this can be the start of a long and mutually satisfying business relationship. And we know that by advertising in RussianTown, you will be having frequent conversations with new clients.

                                                                                                                            Sincerely, Dmitriy Goroshin
                                                                                                                                      CEO of RussianTown, Inc.
                                                                                                                                         fax 770-447-0790