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RussianTown Inc. is a visionary company encompassing “four” strategic North American markets in Atlanta; Chicago; New York City and Los Angeles. Our company offers clients powerful marketing tools to reach 3 million Russians in the United States and approximately 50,000 Russians in Atlanta, GA. To achieve your goals in reaching the Russian-American market we offer several services that include:

Corporate style development
Printed materials
Advertisement in newspapers and magazines
Advertisement on radio
Public Relations

Our representatives are highly educated in marketing, and we speak both English and Russian fluently address your individual needs.

About the Russian-Speaking community of Atlanta
The Russian-speaking community of approximately 50,000 people in Atlanta is one of the fastest growing ethnic groups in Georgia. Most of the Russian community members of Atlanta reside in the counties of Gwinnett; Fulton and Cobb.

In the past, most companies with multicultural marketing programs tended to focus their efforts solely on Hispanic, African-American and Asian-American consumers. In recent years however, progressive U.S. companies began to turn their attention to consumers of Eastern Europian origin.

Our recent demographic research of the Russian-speaking community in Atlanta showed:

  • Men – 49%;
  • Women – 51%.


  • Up to 17yrs – 20%;
  • 17 to 24 – 8%;
  • 25 to 49 – 60%;
  • 50 and over – 12%.

Educational ranges:

  • PhD – 6%;
  • M.A. – 17%;
  • B.A. – 36%,
  • Technical professionals – 33%;
  • H.S. Grades – 8%.
  • 22% of the Russian-speaking community members work as computer programmers or managers;
  • 26% are business owners;
  • 44% are working as service providers restaurants, auto shops, etc.), craftsmen or salespersons.

Income of the average, recently arrived, Russian-speaking immigrants (family of three) is $26,400. The average income for those who have lived in the U.S. for six years or more is $35,300.* 

According to the latest census, immigrants from the Former Soviet Union have higher incomes ($15,012 per capita/year) than those born in the U.S. ($14,367 per capita/year).** 

Ethnic Communities in the U.S. represent a combined buying power of 600 billion dollars.*** 

Nationwide, 56% of immigrants respond to printed advertisements appearing only in the ethnic press.**** 

The average advertising cost in ethnic media is 7 times less than U.S. mainstream media.****

*Information provided by Research Institute for New Americans.
**Immigration and Naturalization Services – Annual Report.
***Information provided by Data quest.
****Information provided by Advertising Age.

Some facts about Russian-American people
The Russian-Speaking population in the United States constitutes approximately 4 million people. 

Russian-Americans are largely concentrated in 10 major urban centers in the United States. 

Between 1990 and 1998, the Russian-speaking population grew 254 percent* and continues to increase at a rapid rate.

Russian-Americans value family and education. Russian immigrants are the most educated in U.S. immigration history. An overwhelming majority has an equivalent of the U.S. bachelor's degree. 

Most Russian-Americans are highly educated and wish to maintain their language and culture. 

Today, in the United States, there are more than 90 Russian-language print publications, more then a dozen Russian-language radio stations, four Russian-language television channels.

*Source: Multicultural Marketing Resources.

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