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About Project

You are now on the website RussianTown Atlanta. It is part of an American infotainment network RussianTownUSA, which is designed specifically for the Russian-speaking community of the United States.

An idea to create a source of useful and interesting information in the Russian language became the foundation for this project. That’s how RussianTown magazine and its official website russiantown.com were developed. The printed version of the magazine is distributed free of charge throughout the Southeastern U.S., which include the states of Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky, and we plan to expand.

As of today, the RussianTown network covers 32 cities in America! These are cities where you can find the largest Russian-speaking communities in the United States and Atlanta is one of them. Russian Atlanta represented by the immigrants from all former Soviet republics is home to Russian schools, shops, Russian channels on satellite TV, events for the Russian-speaking community of Atlanta such as concerts, performances, exhibitions and festivals. The Russian-speaking community of Atlanta leads an active life, and Russian advertising in Atlanta can be very effective. 

Russian media in the USA and digital publications create a circle of communication, a possibility to search for like-minded people and to advance on the path to success. No matter how well our fellow Russian citizens integrate into the American society, sooner or later they may need to buy a product or use a service from Russian-speaking businesses in the United States. And that is why we – the RussianTown network - are here providing an excellent opportunity for Russian advertising in Atlanta. 

If you own a business (be it an individual firm or a big corporation), the advertising and marketing network RussianTown is at your service! What does it represent? RussianTown magazine and its official website have added 32 new informative Internet portals dedicated to individual cities in the United States and their Russian-speaking residents. The network is unique because no other company has yet taken action on such a big scale despite the fact that there are numerous Russian newspapers and magazines in the United States. Russian advertising with us does not mean imposing your products or services, it means that proven information will efficiently find the shortest path to the target audience. The words "target audience" represent real people with real needs. Besides, these people speak the same language as you.

32 cities where RussianTown is present right now include New York, Atlanta, Atlanta, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver, Atlanta, Atlanta, Dallas and others. All 32 websites provide a range of free services for Russian businesses in the USA and for all Russian-speaking people in America: classifieds, employment listings, job search, yellow pages, and dating. Every site features a free online version of RussianTown magazine, where you can download the latest issue as well as look through the past issues in the archive.

If you offer products or services that are popular in the Russian-speaking community in the U.S., our platforms will provide direct access to your customers. We will present your company in the best light possible, and you will become well-known across America.

There are multiple options to publish your information via RussianTown:

Advertising in the printed version of the magazine (in addition, the online version of the advertisement will be featured on all 32 sites across the U.S.)
Placement in the business directories on all 32 websites
The most cost-effective option: placement in a business directory on one of the websites of your choice
Banners on one, several or all 32 websites
Video clips, video presentations on the RussianTown official YouTube channel
Advertisement in the magazine may be presented in a form of an article, interview, note, announcement or a business card
You are welcome to offer your own format. We are open to discussion! (Creative approach – that’s us!)

All you have to do is choose the most suitable advertising options based on your goals, location of services and your budget. By promoting your business in the U.S. with us, you will increase sales, gain loyal customers and improve your own well-being. You will create a worthy image and reputation in the business community. Russian marketing in the United States with RussianTown will help you rid of problems with advertising and SMM-promotion on the Internet. Don't waste your time figuring it out.

Besides entrepreneurs from the U.S., working with us is also benefitting for companies from Russia and other countries of the former USSR who are interested in Russian advertising in the U.S. We have the experience, energy and an endless desire to be the best for you. That is why we are trusted as a reliable source and will not provide a bad business advice.

We are proud to be part of the significant Russian-speaking community of Atlanta, and that we are able to present Russian Atlanta in the online world!